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     1Enrique, Stephen, Hilary
     2Membership Team Meeting
     4People Links -
     5plan is owncloud discussion with abi and grainne
     6next month - something with support team - IDEAS?????
     8ERQ - maybe use forum as place for new members to introduce themselves.  make it a requirement for membership.  include someone political from the organization.
     10Hilary - seems labor intensive
     11Stephen - worried about the idea of forcing groups to participate
     13orientation call might serve the same purpose - quarterly organized.  invite new and old members - learn about may first, the teams, the projects, the control panel and posting a ticket and get to meet each other.
     15perhaps we can add online profiles - maybe we can ask members to update a network directory that we can make available online
     17also need to build up people links as podcast -english and spanish versions.
     19Need some better ways to connect with members - follow up initial email with updates and project and programs and ways to get involved.
     21Maybe quarterly membership network or a online blog forum for lowdown.
     25- get the keys and tags in the online general sign up forum
     26- outreach for the membership meeting would also work to build that detail
     27- get lc members to reach out to members to get this info
     29survey - need to send individually
     31Membership Meeting
     32I put forward a couple proposal ideas at the coordinator meeting today
     34- use privacy policy development as a core activity for the membership meeting.
     36MV added - that it would also be nice to have a set of workshops related to teams
     38There could be a build up effort - what are your terms of service?  what are your priorities?
     40Discuss in the meeting - key concerns, what they know and don't know now, what issues are coming down the pike that are related to data and access and surveillance, etc. - and what can we all do about it...togehter
     42and think about an outreach plan - how to engage the LC in reaching out to members.  not only to get members to come to the meeting but to get info to build the database.
     44ERQ - working on plan in coop for meetings with members on phone and in person.  Stephen asked him to share these plans with the membership team.