Meeting 2/27/14 In attendance: Analia, Hilary, Stephen, Louis, Pablo [Enrique couldn't stay]

Proposal to split Admin and Membership into two teams
Hilary apologized for sending proposal to LC before the Membership/Admin Team. It was a mistake. But luckily :) the proposal was well received.

Budget Discussion: Coordinators committee meeting on 2/27 asked all teams to reduce their budget by 20%.
We decided to formally cut the 2nd staff member position and to eliminate the charge for videographer. The financial review and Mexico bookkeeper will remain in the budget. All of these charges would move to the Administration team budget if the plan is adopted.
Louis offered to work on separate team reports to help with the discussion and expressed interest in participating in the Admin team if formed. Hilary will work with Louis to help make this happen.

Plan: Additions to the plan discussed at the LC meeting in Mexico were approved without comment.

People Links: Discussion of outreach and promotion. Edits to the email pitch should be turned in by Feb. 28th. We decided to create a web page to promote the event rather than the wiki. Analia and Hilary will get that together. We will use social media to outreach.

Why I'm A Member: General approval of the preliminary questionaire. We decide to take out question 2 and save for a future survey. We will try to incorporate civicrm to assist this outreach which means we might not get started for a couple of weeks. Hilary has a preliminary list of organizations to outreach and will send around list so we can contact the groups. We will also ask all the LC members to contribute to the effort. Pablo will translate the questionaire and will identify organizations in Mexico. We discussed coming up with a report of the responses - perhaps to use in future membership meetings to discuss membership engagement and awareness. We hope to post quotes from the responses online to use in recruitment.

NOT DISCUSSED IN MEETING - Hilary thought it might be good to share the questionaire with the outreach team because of its use as a recruitment tool they might have particular input.

Future meeting schedule - we decided to meet every other week from 4-5 on Thursdays.

Finished on the hour. Whoo!

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