Ad Hoc Backup Group Meeting Notes

May 13, 2011

Present: jamie, ana, daniel s.

Next phone meeting: Friday, May 27, 11:30 am America/New_York time

Jamie reported on progress - all servers now have their backup configurations set by puppet. Also, all servers now report backup info via:, e.g.

However - he reported two problems:

  • The information is not very human friendly
  • The information is not cryptographically verified (i.e. it's not provided over https)

Jamie proposed one possible alternative: to send people to our Nagios server web site. Nagios is our system monitoring software, it is the software that alerts us when a server goes down. When nagios starts monitorig the backup info, it can provide members with a full picture of their server, including the backup status.

The problem, though, is that the nagios web interface is not particularly user friendly either.

Daniel suggested that adding key/legends and instructions would improve the port 999 solution (

Ana and Daniel both warned that nagios might be reporting errors that aren't serious - giving members access to this might cause them to post un-necesary tickets. Jamie responded that if nagios is reporting non-serious errors (which it currently does do), then it should be fixed to only report serious errors.

We decided that jamie will provide the ad hoc group access to nagios (currently password protected) and we would decide whether it was friendly enough.

Daniel and ana have made a lot of progress on Thanks!

Ana agreed to fill in the Backup and Migrate section.

Daniel reported that he has successfully setup an encrypted backup to Amazon S3. He will post a ticket requesting that the software used by installed on all MFPL mosh servers. He will also add to the member-backup wiki directions for how to do this.

Ana agreed to write a Lowdown article about the changes we've made to the backup.

Jamie is working on:

  • Having nagios monitor the backup status
  • Making database dumps accessible to members
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