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How can I add an interactive map to my web site?


Mapping involves a lot of concepts that are hard to put together by yourself. This page provides a survey of the different opensource tools available to do this work.


For serving maps: mapserver[0], geoserver[1], suas mapserver[2], openstreetmap[3], mapnik[4] This means that these programs can read mapping data files and create maps from them.

For presenting maps: ka-map[5], openlayers[6], worldkit[7], geomoose[8] This is software for creating layers of data, zooming in or out of a map, etc.


Census folks have recently released updated data.

National atlas is another gov site. This one has great categories: transportation, water, people, history, etc.

Geo coding - Geocoding site that lets you look up one address at a time. Their sourcecode is available, if one was interested in offering this service. Geocode multiple addresses on one site. Uses the Yahoo geocoding API[9]


GeoRSS is simple proposal for RSS feeds to also be described by location[10]

Building the maps

The front end

Putting it all together