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How can I add an interactive map to my web site?


Mapping involves a lot of concepts that are hard to put together by yourself. The solution proposed here uses different software programs for different functionality. There are lots of ways to do this.


For serving maps: mapserver[0], geoserver[1], suas mapserver[2], openstreetmap[3], mapnik[4] This means that these programs can read mapping data files and create maps from them.

For presenting maps: ka-map[5], openlayers[6], worldkit[7], geomoose[8] This is software for creating layers of data, zooming in or out of a map, etc.


Census folks have recently released updated data.

National atlas is another gov site. This one has great categories: transportation, water, people, history, etc.

Geo coding - Geocoding site that lets you look up one address at a time. Their sourcecode is available, if one was interested in offering this service. Geocode multiple addresses on one site. Uses the Yahoo geocoding API[9]


Building the maps

The front end

Putting it all together