Local network

IP range

Our cabinet now has a local network:

Why such a random range? I don't want to accidentally conflict with other ranges people may encounter. If you try to access an IP in our range from a machine not in our cabinet, I would like it to consitently fail.

And, because I want everything to happen for a reason, I picked this range because it's the date Che was killed (October 9, 1967). Best date I could find without spending more than 15 minutes looking...

You can assign IPs to servers in this range the same way you assign all IPs. I've assigned all physical servers and a handful of other servers, but more work is needed to cover all servers.

Local domain

I've also registered the domain specifically to be a local domain name. The .cx top level domain was chosen for no reason other than being available.

We now have a local authoritative DNS server running on which listens on

And, all of our caching DNS servers (which run on all physical hosts) have a "stub-zone" configured so that any requests made for is directed at tubman.

Since all of our servers use our own caching DNS servers, it means any request made on any of our servers should be resolved via tubman and should result in an IP address in our range.

Configuring Locally DNS

If you are an admin, then "Local DNS" shows up in the control panel at the Member level. All hosts are configured via the May First/People Link Membership.

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