Left Forum, April 2009

Below are the results of the Collaborative Democracy workshop held at the Left Forum. The list represents the Economic Rights we want to see for the hemisphere.

  • Safe place to live based on needs of individual/family/or group
  • Right to an equal, high-quality, comprehensive education.
  • Right to compensation for child-bearing child-rearing, elder-care, and domestic work.
  • Local, democratic control of food supply and security, as well as water and local natural resources, to ensure food security and sustainability and guarantee access to good quality, healthy food.
  • The right to cross any border for any period of time.
  • Right to non-discrimination and transparency in workplace decisions affecting the terms of employment (pay, pay-scales, job-description, hours worked).
  • The right for workers to organize.
  • Right to work, and to creativity and decision-making in the workplace.
  • Equal basic income guarantee, including shelter, clothing, health care, water, and food. People should have their human needs met under all circumstances. Amen.
  • Openness and transparency and fair representation of governments that control the allocation of shared resources.
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