NY Grassroots Media Conference 2009

Following are the result of the Internet Rights workshop held at the 2009 NYC Grassroots Media conference.

Using the collaborative democracy software, we defined the 10 most important Internet rights we need.

  • Right to freely store,disseminate, produce and create any online content without fear of prosecution.
  • The right to participate anonymously
  • The right to use the internet to freely copy, modify and redistribute all software
  • The Right to education and training on using and/or producing internet content
  • Access and adequate leisure time to explore and accomplish online participation.
  • Access to content and online tools in one's native language, including compatibility features for special needs users.
  • One should be the sole owner of one's online data, which includes the right to remove from the Internet any content you have put up.
  • The right to absolute privacy in all communications including email, social networking, voice/video conferencing.
  • The right for each individual to choose what content to view, such as by blocking website advertising and disturbing images.
  • The Right to Free or fairly-priced, Universal, Equal high-speed internet access; regardless of language, age, class, nationality, special needs, criminal record, or physical disability.
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