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     1= Install a web application =
     3May First members can now install three different web applications via our control panel:
     5 * Drupal
     6 * WordPress
     7 * Backdrop
     9To install a web application:
     111. Ensure you have a web configuration item setup already. When you setup a web configuration item, you have to put in a domain name. You will enter this domain name as your last step - so please keep track of it.
     121. Click the MySQL database and MySQL user tabs in the control panel to first create a database, and then create a user with Full access to that database. Copy down the password - you will need it later!
     131. Click the Web App tab in the control panel and click to create a new item
     141. Choose the web app you want to install and whether or not you want May First to apply security settings
     151. Once your new web app item is "active", put in your web site address into your web browser.
     161. You should be prompted to complete the installation. You will need the database name, username and password you used when creating your database.