Install a web application


May First members can now install three different web applications via our control panel:

Basic Instructions

To install a web application:

  1. Login to the members control panel
  2. Ensure you have a web configuration item setup already. When you setup a web configuration item, you have to put in a domain name. You will enter this domain name as your last step - so please keep track of it.
  3. Click the MySQL database and MySQL user tabs in the control panel to first create a database, and then create a user with Full access to that database. Copy down the password - you will need it later!
  4. Click the Web App tab in the control panel and click to create a new item
  5. Choose the web app you want to install and whether or not you want May First to apply security settings
  6. Once your new web app item is "active", put in your web site address into your web browser.
  7. You should be prompted to complete the installation. You will need the database name, username and password you used when creating your database.

Security updates

Web applications are complex pieces of software and often new security vulnerabilities are discovered. If your application is not kept up to date regularly, they can become compromised, often resulting in spam comments and email and a lot of work to clean up.

You have the option to have core updates applied automatically to reduce your risk of being compromised. Your options are:

  • core: Core updates means that our systems will check every 4 hours to see if any new updates have been made available for your web application. Only the core application will be updated - if you have third party modules or plugins or themes, you will still be responsible for updating those parts of the code. With drupal, only security updates will be applied. With WordPress and Backdrop all core updates available will be applied.
  • none: Once your web application is installed, we will not touch it. You will be fully responsible for ensuring your application is kept up to date.

My web application is already installed

If you already have a Wordpress, Drupal9 or Backdrop system installed, you can choose the option "My app is already downloaded, just keep it up to date" - no attempt will be made to download the files, but we will begin running updates if you choose that option

Deleting a web application

You can delete the web application record from the control panel, but it will not delete the web application from your web directory. To delete your web application:

  • Delete the web configuration record (to delete the files)
  • Delete the MySQL database and username to delete the data
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