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     1= Using Filezilla =
     3After downloading and installing [ FileZilla], connecting to your server should be pretty straight forward.  By following the steps below, you should be set in short order.
     5== Use the Site Manager ==
     6While you can use the Quickconnect button, it may be easier to use Firezilla's Site Manager.  You can access this by clicking the top left most button, going to File >> Site Manager, or typing Ctl(the control key)+S.
     10== Create a New Account ==
     11Within the File Manager, you can add new sites and configure the appropriate connection protocols to use.  There are three steps to do this for MF/PL.
     12 1. Create the new site by clicking on "New Site"
     13 2. Set your server details ([wiki:sftp see setting up sftp]).
     14  - Host = your mayfirst server name
     15  - '''SFTP - This is very important as it is how you securely connect to MF/PL servers (you cannot connect without this option)'''
     16  - The username for your MF/PL account.
     17  - The password for the account.
     18 3. Click the "Connect" button.
     22== Finger Print Verification ==
     23Once you have completed the above steps, you should see a verification window.  Check our [wiki:fingerprints fingerprints page] to verify the correct finger print.
     27== Trouble Shooting ==
     28If you are having problems connecting, the most likely problem is an error with the configuration information.
     31 1. That the host name is correct (usually something like, but it must be the correct server.
     32 2. That you've chosen SFTP as your connection method.
     33 3. That the username is correct.
     34 4. That the password is correct.  If you've forgotten your password, you can reset it [ here].
     36If you need to check on your settings, use the [ Members Control Panel]
    138See [wiki:"how-to/sftp/UsingFileZillaUsingFileZilla"].