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How to allocate an ip address

The ip-temp process on hay is no longer in use!

Steps for allocating an ip address

Now, we allocate an IP and create the iterface in the same step.

Find an available IP


freepuppet-helper ai | sort

To get a list of currently allocated IPs

Then, pick the next one in the range you want and edit the .pp file for the server in question and add the following

Sample for physical host

  class { "mayfirst::m_interface": }
  mayfirst::m_interface::set { "":
    dev => "br0",
    gateway => "",
    hwaddress => "00:26:b9:35:c1:eb",
    bridge_ports => "eth0"

Sample for canonical IP address on guest

  class { "mayfirst::m_interface": }
  mayfirst::m_interface::set { "": gateway => "" }

Sample for additional IP on guest

  mayfirst::m_interface::set { "": label => "smtp" }