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How to allocate an ip address

The process for allocating an ip address currently takes place as the ip-temp user on hay.

Steps for allocating an ip address

  1. ssh
  2. cd ip_allocation
  3. ./
  4. Follow the queries on the script.

You should see something like this:

0 ip-temp@hay:~/ip_allocation$ ./ 
    [0] Add an IP Address
    [1] Quick Search
    [2] Detailed Search
    Choose an action: 

When choosing 0 for Add an IP Address, you will be asked for a location. Once you choose a location, the next available IP address will be automatically chosen for you. Then you will be asked to enter some descriptive data. Once confirming your choices, the script will update the database.

You can confirm your choice, by running the script again and searching for you entry.