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initial docs for setting up a test puppetmaster


MF/PL is moving toward puppet as a system administration infrastructure.

administering puppet

puppet can be intimidating. If you want to help with the administration, here's instructions to get started:

setting up a development environment

Get the configuration:

git clone git://
cd puppet
git submodule init
git submodule update

And as the superuser, install the tools:

apt-get install puppet-common

then copy and update the sample configs to refer to your current environment:

cp puppet.conf.sample puppet.conf
cp fileserver.conf.sample fileserver.conf
$EDITOR puppet.conf fileserver.conf

some important changes to consider:

  • repoint [files] path in fileserver.conf
  • make a simple var dir for your dev puppetmaster to stash its data
  • repoint all the explicit dirs in puppet.conf to the var dir

Then you can launch the puppet master as a non-privileged user from the checked-out directory:

puppet master --confdir=$(pwd) --no-daemonize --verbose