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changed "blows away your existing git repo" to "erases your existing git repo" since simple, less-idiomatic words makes the guide easier to follow and easier to translate into other languages.

Puppet workflow

Our workflow requires that you do something a little backwards. You have to git commit and then test your changes by git pushing into roach. Normally it should be the other way around.

Fortunately, you can still only publish tested commits.

  • Open two terminals. On terminal 0, ssh as root@roach. On terminal 1, cd into your puppet/confdir
  • On terminal 1, make changes, git add them, and git commit them.
  • On terminal 1, git push roach master
  • If they succeed, then you are done. You can git push mfpl to publish your changes.
  • If they fail:
    • Make additional changes in terminal 1
    • git add the files you modified
    • git commit --amend
    • Optionally change your commit message (or just save the existing one)
    • On roach, run freepuppet-init (that erases your existing git repo, and builds a new empty one so your previosly pushed commit is no longer there).
    • On your workstation, run git push roach master
  • Repeat as needed.