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Does May First People Link have an Instant Messaging (IM) service?

We are proud to announce that we have chat and all member user accounts automatically are able to use the chat with the username and password you currently use for email and openID. The technology is similar software behind GoogleTalk and Facebook Chat. You will be able to communicate with people that are currently using google talk, however although Facebook chat uses the same technology they remain to use it in a closed garden preventing communication with other XMPP servers. You will also be able to communicate with users who have opted to use their built-in XMPP server.

Below are instructions for using your built-in IM chat account

This chat service is supported across all platform, including mobile devices.

To use your IM account, use any IM client like Adium, Gajim, iChat, GibberBot, Pidgin, Psi, or Swift (a full list is here).

Go to Accounts --> Manage Accounts --> Add

In the Add Account Window

Click on Protocol drop-down menu Select XMPP

Username: <Type your username>
Resource: <leave blank>
Password: <Type your current password>

then Click Add.

In some clients like Thunderbird chat for the username please enter <yourusername>

When you login your should receive a Welcome message for registering on the server. You can now add of other friends to your account.

Is there support for Chat Rooms?

Yes you can setup chat rooms through our server

Please use the following server when creating rooms

Also pending on the client software you choose, starting a chatroom will vary, in most cases it is "Start a Chat Room" where you can then invite other buddies into the room.

Can we send files to other chat buddies?

Yes you can but need better facilitate this we recommend using our stun server. Depending on your client the stun server settings will be in different locations

For instance in Pidgin the settings are found under Tools --> Preferences --> Networking Under stun server add the following

Now when you try to send the files it should work.

If you have trouble with any of the above please open a support ticket