Ground Rules

No personal attacks

Help build an environment where ideas can be fiercely debated and critiqued while individuals feel safe and supported

Use I statements

If you are having a reaction talk about what's happening with you, not about the person that might be triggering it

Avoid interrupting others

There's no reason to interrupt someone to make a counter point. If someone seems to be going off topic or derailing the conversation, interrupt with a question asking them how their point fits in with what is happening in the meeting.

No shouting

No explanation needed.

Step up or step back

Adjust your participation. If you are dominating the conversation, make room for others to participate; if you are not participating step up or report that you are having trouble so we can address any problems in the group.

Shared goal

Despite all of our own individual agendas, we're here to build May First/People Link. Stay focussed on this shared goal.

When in doubt, listen and ask constructive questions

If you are not sure what to do, try asking a question. Don't make any assumptions that you know what anyone means, even with words that are commonly used.

Support the facilitator

Let facilitator do the facilitator's job.

Stay on topic

Respect the group and pay attention to what's being discussed.

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