How can I get my mailman password if I'm a regular subscriber?

If you go to your Mailman list's info page, you can request that your password be sent to you.

Your Mailman list info page depends on:

  • The server your mailman list is on (that will typically be either or
  • The name of your list. The name is the portion before the @ sign in the list's email address. If your list was then your listname would be "lowdown."

Your list's info page is:


For example:

From this page, scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your email address and click "Unsubscribe or Edit Options." Then, click the password reminder button.

Note for list administrators

By default, your email list is setup to include a direct link to the page with the Reminder button in the footer of every message sent.

If your list emails do not contain that link:

  • Login to the admin URL of your list
  • Click Non-digest Options
  • Enter into the Footer box:
    User Options: %(user_optionsurl)s
  • Click Digest Options
  • Repeat for the digest footer box
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