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    1111 * Click the Filters link from the menu
    1212 * Click the plus (+) sign in the bottom left corner of the filters box to create a new filter
    13 (all of the above steps are outlined on our [wiki:sieve filter help page] with screen shots)
     13All of the above steps are outlined on our [wiki:sieve filter help page] with screen shots.
    1414 * Create the initial rules for your language filter
    1515  * Give your filter a descriptive name
    1717  * The first drop down shows you the available headers you can match on. Since "X-Spam-Language" is not one of them, select "..." instead and then type in: X-Spam-Language (make sure there are no typos!)
    1818  * Indicate that you want to move the message to your Junk folder if this header does not contain the word "en"
     20 * Add two more rules to ensure we don't accidentally filter out messages you want
     21  * The first rule indicates that the X-Spam-Language header must exist. This header is only added to messages that are processed by our spam filter. Some messages are skipped, for example if they are sent by another MF/PL member or if they are very large.
     22  * The second rule indicates that the value of the X-Spam-Language header should not be empty. Language detection is guess work and if our software is not sure what the language is, it will leave this header empty. That can happen if the email message is very short or contains a lot of garbage text.
     25Once you are done, all messages that match will automatically be put in your Junk/Spam folder if they are not in english, even if our spam detector fails to detect them as spam.