Filter out email in languages I don't speak

Sometimes our email address ends up on spam lists used for sending spam in languages we don't speak. Since it is rare to get a legitimate message in a language you don't speak, filtering out these messages can save you from getting a lot of un-wanted email in your inbox.

NOTE: Only filter out messages in languages you don't want. Please do not do the reverse: filter out messages in languages that are not english. Not all messages will be properly tagged with a language, so if you filter out messages not tagged as english, you will miss email messages that were not processed by our spam filter (e.g. messages sent to you by other MF/PL members or messages over the size limit for spam scanning).

If you are not familiar with how to filter your messages, please review our help file on filtering which gives you the basics of how to create filters in our Roundcube mail program. Remember: Filters created in Roundcube apply even if you use a different program.

To create a filter specifically for language, follow these steps.

  • Login to
  • Click the Settings Link in the top right corner of the screen
  • Click the Filters link from the menu
  • Click the plus (+) sign in the bottom left corner of the filters box to create a new filter

All of the above steps are outlined on our filter help page with screen shots.

  • Create the initial rules for your language filter
    • Give your filter a descriptive name
    • Indicate that any of the rules must match for the filter to take affect
    • The first drop down shows you the available headers you can match on. Since "X-Spam-Language" is not one of them, select "..." instead and then type in: X-Spam-Language (make sure there are no typos!)
    • Indicate that you want to move the message to your Junk folder if this header contains the word "fr"
    • Click the Plus button to add more rules. Add a rule for everyone language that you want filtered.
    • In the example below, we filter for french, russion and chinese.

Once you are done, all messages that match will automatically be put in your Junk/Spam folder if they match one of your chosen languages, even if our spam detector fails to detect them as spam.

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