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    11= Filter out email in languages I don't speak =
    3 TBD
     3Sometimes our email address ends up on spam lists used for sending spam in languages we don't speak. Since it is rare to get a legitimate message in a language you don't speak, filtering out these messages can save you from getting a lot of un-wanted email in your inbox.
     5If you are not familiar with how to filter your messages, please review our [wiki:sieve help file on filtering] which gives you the basics of how to create filters in our Roundcube mail program. Remember: Filters created in Roundcube apply even if you use a different program.
     7To create a filter specifically for language, follow these steps.
     9 * Login to
     10 * Click the Settings Link in the top right corner of the screen
     11 * Click the Filters link from the menu
     12 * Click the plus (+) sign in the bottom left corner of the filters box to create a new filter
     13(all of the above steps are outlined on our [wiki:sieve filter help page] with screen shots)
     14 * Create the initial rules for your language filter
     15  * Give your filter a descriptive name
     16  * Indicate that all the rules must match for the filter to take affect
     17  * The first drop down shows you the available headers you can match on. Since "X-Spam-Language" is not one of them, select "..." instead and then type in: X-Spam-Language (make sure there are no typos!)
     18  * Indicate that you want to move the message to your Junk folder if this header does not contain the word "en"