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    1818=== FAQs Topics ===
    19 [[ListTagged(realm:wiki faq-index lang-en,format=table,cols=description)]]
     19|| [[ListTagged(realm:wiki faq-index lang-en,format=table,cols=description)]] || \
     21== Before you post ==
     23Before posting a ticket please check our [ service advisories page] or the [/timeline timeline of recent posts] to see if we are already working on the problem you have identified. In addition - please try searching using the search box above to see if anyone else has had the same question or to see if your question might be answered in one of our [wiki:faq Frequently Asked Questions].
     25== Using the Ticket System ==
     27Welcome to our ticket tracking system! The ticket tracking system is designed so we can handle many requests from many members in a timely and reliable way. In addition, the system is based on a public, open and collaborative approach to solving problems. As you will discover - once you login, you have the ability to both ask and answer questions; to both read and edit help pages. With your support, we can build a powerful tool for mutual aid.
     29Before submitting a ticket, please note a big difference with this system: what you post is public. We are doing this for [wiki:public_wiki thoughtful reasons]. However, the implications are that whatever you post will be visible to the world. So, among other things, please do not post personal information (like passwords).
     31The system is more than just a ticket tracking system. Please use the search form at the top right to search our frequently asked questions and wiki pages. You can also browse our [wiki:faq frequently asked questions] or our [wiki:overview] page to get a better idea of what is available via our wiki.
     33''Note'': We continue responding to requests sent to our support @ email address, however, we will prioritize requests made through this system.
    2135=== Website Techniques ===