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Creating additional web sites

May First/People Link members are entitled to as many web sites as are needed for your organizing purposes. Furthermore, members have the ability to create their own additional web sites themselves. Note: if you are interested in adding a second domain to an existing web site, please see our adding a second domain FAQ.

To have a second new web site, you will need to create a new "hosting order." Hosting orders are packages of services which include not only a web site but also separate user logins, email addresses, emai lists, etc.

A hosting order allows you to package all of your related services into a single project.

What's the difference between a hosting order and a membership?

We do ask Members to follow simple criteria for determining when it's appropriate to add a new hosting order to an existing membership and when it's appropriate to request a new membership (requesting a new membership means paying new membership dues).

If the hosting order is for a new project of your organization or is a new personal project (if you have an individual membership), then you should create a new hosting order under your existing membership. On the other hand if the new hosting order's scope lies outside of your organization or (if you have an individual membership) the new hosting order will have significant involvement of people beyond yourself, then please request a new membership instead.

Remember: We are a membership organization, not a service provider. We need new members to grow and thrive. We rely on you, our members, to build our membership.

How do I create a new hosting order?

To create a new hosting order under your existing membership:

  • Login to the members control panel.
  • Click on your member name in the Breadcrumb (top of page, if you don't see a link with your Member name, you may not be logging in with a username with appropriate access. Please post a ticket, indicating the member name and the login you are using and we can help you gain access.
  • Select the "Hosting Order" Service
  • Click the "New Item" link.
  • Fill in the requested information. If you include an email address, the details of the new account, including how to set your password, will be sent to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I select for "Primary Server"? The primary server is the server on which your account will be created. You have the option of either choosing a primary server that already hosts your existing hosting orders or the primary server that is currently accepting new hosting orders. If you are working a new version of your existing site, we recommend that you choose a primary server that your existing site is on, to make the transition easier. On the other hand, if you are choosing a brand new site, we would suggest using our currently accepting server.
  • Will I get billed extra? No, as a member of May First/People Link you are only responsible for paying your dues. You are entitled to as many hosting orders that you need provided that your use of hosting orders does not adversely impact other members.

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