How do I install phplist?


phplist is a program that can be used to send bulk, announcement-only email messages. It is like mailman, however, it does not have the ability to due discussion lists.

If you would like to setup phplist for your account, you can do so by following these directions:

  • Create a new database or post a ticket requesting a new database.
  • Download the latest version from the site's download page
  • Unzip or untar the program by double clicking on it.
  • Copy the folder to your web directory using sftp
  • Add a new email address that will be used to handle bounces
  • Edit your config/config.php:
    • Add the db user, db password, and db name (which we will provide after you post the ticket for a new database)
    • Add the username and password for the bounce email address that you created above
    • Set:
      $bounce_mailbox_port = “995/pop3/ssl”;
    • Modify the test line to read:
      define (“TEST”,0);
    • Set the bulk smtp mailer to:


If you install a program in your web directory, you will need to take responsibility for keeping it up to date!

With phplist, you can monitor security patches by subscribing to the security list or the rss feed. If you install this program, please subscribe to the list. If a security patch comes out, please update this wiki page to offer suggestions and guidance to other members who could benefit from your experience doing the upgrade. If you run into trouble installing a security patch, you can always submit a new ticket asking for assistance.

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