Follow these steps to move your Calendar from google (or ical file) to Mayfirst webmail

For icalendar files please skip to the Import Calendar

Import Calendar

Now Log-In to your ​Horde Calendar Settings
and go to "Select the file to import" by clicking on "Browse" select the .ical file (<filename>.ical)
this will upload the ical calendar to the horde calendar.

Export Calendar from Google

First visit your Google calendar then click on the "settings" button on the right side of the screen.

In the settings window click on the "calendar" tab.
In the settings for your calendar towards the bottom click on "Export Calendars" -- This will export and ​icalendar standard zip file.
Please proceed to unzip the file and remember the location of the unzipped file, for use in the next step.

Now you can see the ​calendar syncing feature for use with your calendar software on desktop and mobile phone.

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