How do I setup a distribution list using Webmail?

An email distribution list is a useful way to send an email to a group of people without having to manually enter each person's email address into the To or Bcc fields.

You can create an email distribution list in your email client (for example, in the MFPL webmail program, as this page describes) or you can create a list using mailman instead.

The main advantage of using mailman is that it provides the people on your list with the ability to control their own subscriptions. They can choose to remove themselves from your list, or change the email address they are subscribed with, for example. You can also optionally have your email messages archived and (optionally) allow members of the list to respond to each other.

The main advantage of using your email program to manage your lists is that it's simpler to setup and simpler for you to manage.

If your list is less than 10 people or if you want to change who is part of the group before sending most messages, then creating a list using your email client is probably the way to go. If your list is fairly static and numbers in the dozens of addresses or more, then create a list might be the way to go.

To create a distribution list in the MFPL webmail program:

  • Login to the webmail system.
  • Click the Address Book icon
  • Add each recipient as a separate contact. Click Browse to see if a recipient has been added. Click New Contact to add a recipient.
  • Once all the recipients have been added as contacts, click Browse again. You should see a list of your contacts.
  • Place a check in the box next to the recipients you want to add to your Contact List (if all the recipients don't show up on the same page, just check the ones that do show up - you can repeat this step for all the contacts).
  • At the top of your list of contacts you will see a drop down menu that says "to a contact list". Change the drop down selection to read: "Create a new contact list in" - and select the name of your address book.
  • Then, click the Add link next to the drop down box. You should be prompted to enter the name of the contact list you want.
  • Repeat this step for the rest of your contacts (only now, in the "to a contact list" drop down, you should see the contact list you created - and you should select that contact list before clicking the "Add" button).
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