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This tutorial is based on Kmail version 1.9.5.

  1. From the toolbar, select Settings -> Configure Kmail...
  2. From the left hand column, click Accounts then click the Receiving Tab, then click Add.
  3. Select either POP (if you want to download messages to your personal computer) or IMAP (if you want to leave all messages on the May First server).
  4. Enter details specific to your email account. Note: depending on which machine is your primary host, your server may be or or another similarly named server.
  5. Click the Extras Tab and select Use SSL for secure mail download. Then click OK.
  6. Sending. Before you can send email through May First/People Link you will need a special username and password that is allowed to send mail. Please contact support to receive your "outgoing" email username and password.
  7. Click the "Sending" tab, then click add. Select SMTP as your "transport"
  8. Fill in the following details (for host use the same host name you specified above, or, etc.).
  9. Click the Security Tab. Choose CRAM-MD5 as your authentication method.
  10. Click OK. You are done!

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