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This tutorial is based on Kmail version 1.9.5.

# From the toolbar, select Settings -> Configure Kmail...

# From the left hand column, click Network, then click the Receiving Tab, then click Add.

# Select either POP (if you want to download messages to your personal computer) or IMAP (if you want to leave all messages on the May First server).

# Enter details specific to your email account. Note: depending on which machine is your primary host, your server may be or or another similarly named server.

# Click the Extras Tab and select Use SSL for secure mail download. Then click OK.

# Sending. Before you can send email through May First/People Link you will need a special username and password that is allowed to send mail. Please contact support to receive your "outgoing" email username and password.

# Click the "Sending" tab, then click add. Select SMTP as your "transport"

# Fill in the following details (for host use the same host name you specified above, or, etc.).

# Click the Security Tab. Choose CRAM-MD5 as your authentication method.


# Click OK. You are done!

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