How do I create a catch all email account?

A catch all email account is an account that will collect email for any email address of a particular domain in which no other email account exists.

In other words, if you currently have setup and, if someone sends you a message to, that message will bounce back to the sender with an error indicating that the email address does not exist.

If you create a catch all email account, then, instead of bouncing back, the email sent to (or, for that matter, anyone, will be delivered to the catch all account.

Before creating a catch all email account keep in mind: catch all email accounts are spam traps. It is common for spammers to send messages to random users at a particular domain and if those messages are not rejected, they are assumed to be good addresses, so the spammers will continue sending to you. This is a problem not only for you (you'll get a lot of spam in this account) but also for May First/People Link since our servers will need to process a lot of spam on your behalf. Our servers are able to reject outright a lot of spam by rejecting email that is sent to an address that doesn't exist.

If you still want a catch all email account: first create a user account. Then, create an email address in which you leave the user portion (the part prior to the @ sign) empty.

(After a delay, this seems to work with forwards to other e-mail addresses too.)

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