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    1212 * Go to the Member Control Panel at and log in.
    1313 * At the top right of the page, there's a pulldown menu. Use it to go to your hosting order, which is a line that includes your domain (or website if you have more than one site on a domain). For example a hosting order line might read: The Jamaican The first part of that is the name we give your account for identification purposes. The second part is the domain and that's what's important.
    1415 [[Image(hosting_order_top.png)]]
    1517 * The screen will refresh. Now click on the "User Account" tab. Then choose "Add a New Item".
    16  [[Image(user_account_tab.png, 400px)]]
     20 [[Image(user_account_tab.png, 800px)]]
    1722 * Enter the first and last name of the account holder, the account holder's login name (without the domain -- e.g. sally) and then the password which must be at least six characters long and must be made up of a combination of letters and numbers (symbols that are caps of numbers are okay -- e.g. ! is the cap of the number 1 and can be included in a password). Then confirm the password. Hit submit. Note: if you get an error, read it and fix what it tells you is wrong. Often this is a username that is already in use so change the username slightly to make it unique -- e.g. sally00. You'll be able to choose the email address you really want, e.g., in the next step.   [[Image(add_new_user_account.png​)]]
    1823 * Now go to the "Email Address" tab. Click on "Add a New Item". You'll see the words "Email Address" and two boxes. In the first box, enter the username for the email address. In the second, pulldown to the name of the domain you're working with. If your domain name does not show up in the list, please see the [wiki:domain_not_available_for_email my domain is not available when I try to create an email address] faq.