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May First/People Link Lists and Feeds

May First/People Link has several email lists and RSS feeds to help you keep up-to-date on what is happening both politically and technically with the organization.

Common channels for members

Below is a description of the channels that we encourage all members to join.

  • The All members list includes everyone with an email account on the May First/People Link servers. While a member of May First/People Link you cannot opt-out of this list. This channel is used infrequently to convey information that is both severe (high impact on members) and has a high priority (is time sensitive).
  • The lowdown list is the newsletter of May First/People Link, with emails sent one or twice a month. All primary contacts are added to this list automatically, but may opt-out if they choose. Everyone with an account on May First/People Link (and non-members as well) are encouraged to join this list. Visit the archives.

Channels for the info hungry

The channels below are part of our commitment to transparency, however, for most members these channels may be more transparency than you are interested in.

  • If you susbscribe to either Server email alerts or Server SMS alerts you will receive either an email or an SMS text message if a service or server goes down (and that server or service is not hosted on our email list server). SMS alerts are shorter and tailored for devices with limited characters per message. Archives are available for email alerts and sms alerts (although they should contain the same messages, formatted differently.