May First/People Link Lists and Feeds

May First/People Link has several email lists and RSS feeds to help you keep up-to-date on what is happening both politically and technically with the organization.

Common channels for members

Below is a description of the channels that we encourage all members to join.

  • The All members list includes everyone with an email account on the May First/People Link servers. While a member of May First/People Link you cannot opt-out of this list. This channel is used infrequently to convey technology emergencies and critical information about membership involvement (e.g. announcements of the annual membership meeting).
  • Messages are posted on (sometimes several times a day or as infrequently as once a month) whenever we are encountering a technology problem affecting a large number of users or when we are planning maintenance that will impact a large number of users. You may also subscribe to the RSS feed or the service-advisories email list. Members who indicate a Tech contact when joining will have their tech contact email address automatically subscribed to the service-advisories list.
  • Members database. We maintain a database of members via our CiviCRM installation at Email addresses entered in our control panel are automatically added to this database.
  • Live chat. We are often available via IRC
  • Follow our Twitter @mayfirst or our gnu social account from any statusnet or ostatus supporting social network all service advisories as well as links to our member feeds are posted on these accounts


All official communications from May First/People Link will be signed by one of the following OpenPGP User IDs (or from a user whose OpenPGP id has been certified by one of these OpenPGP user ids):

User ID: Jamie McClelland <> 
Key ID: 5F2E4935
Fingerprint: 1CB5 7C59 F2F4 2470 238F  53AB BB0B 7EE1 5F2E 4935

User Id: Alfredo Lopez <>
Key ID: 3654E397
Fingerprint: 45C5 691F A868 985D 3BC6  DFD8 359F 223B 3654 E397

Please note: just because an email is signed by someone who is certified by us doesn't mean it's an official May First/People Link communication.

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