Git for Sparkleshare

Start by downloading ​Sparkleshare and installing it on your own computer. When you are done, you should have a Sparkleshare folder on your computer that contains a file called something like Your Name's Key. That will have your public key in it.

Next, login to the members control panel. Create a new User Account, e.g. nameorg-sparkle. Then (this is important), click the Server Access tab and create a new record (selecting nameorg-sparkle from the Login name drop down list). And, in the "Public Key (optional)" field, copy and paste the contents of the Your Name's Key file from your computer.

That last step gives your sparkleshare installation access to this account.

Next, log into the server using secure shell. Here's the faq for ​logging into server.

Once you are logged in, type the following commands:

mkdir sparkleshare
cd sparkleshare
git init --bare

Now, you can log out by typing:


And you are almost ready!

On your computer, click on the sparkleshare icon in your system tray.

Select "Add hosted project..." For address type: nameorg-sparkle@….

For path type: sparkleshare

And then you should be sharing.

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