Methods for developing web sites using Subversion for revision control

We're doing more web development work at MF/PL under revision control. Subversion (a.k.a. svn) is a convenient tool for this, and we have a central svn repository (which you can browse through the web), so it's a convenient choice.

This page attempts to document current practices for using svn at MF/PL.

Starting a new project

FIXME: describe how to set up a section of the repository for a new project and get started with a local working directory

Publishing a project the first time

FIXME: describe how to publish the first version of a project on one of the MF/PL public web servers

Updating a project

FIXME: describe how to "push" changes to a live site.

Retrieve Most Recent Tag

To get the url for the revision directoy, go into the working directory on your computer and do

svn info

You'll get something like this:


Then you use the above url with "tag" which is a sub-dir at the same level as trunk.

 svn ls svn+ssh://

And all the latest tags will show.

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