COP16 Media Site

We've been asked by GGJ, part of an alignment of US groups participating in the global climate change movement, to help build a media portal site for the COP16/Cancun events. This page is an outline of features and tasks.

The goals of the site:

  • Pre-event: Provide information about the Alignment group and Cancun, build excitement about the event
  • During event: be a central repository of what's happening by carrying as much news/info as possible; provide logistics info for Alignment members
  • Post-event: provide direction on continue to build the movement


  • Pull in RSS and other syndicated content (should we use the built-in Drupal aggregator, or feeds module which can import items as nodes?)
    • Regular blogs from other sites
    • microblogs (twitter/
    • Play lists?
  • Re-publish individual media from other sites (embedded field) - and activist groups, but also (ug) Youtubes, flickr, etc
  • Add original blogs and photos
  • Easier account creation (maybe logintoboggan?)
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