Coordinators' meeting – May 8 2014

Present – Hilary, Enrique, Alfredo, Jamie, Mallory, Abi, Analía

Report backs


  • We sent the Why am a member survey to the LC, everyone should fill it in.
  • Next People Links – Grania and Abi to promote share, privacy, etc.


  • Mallory – We haven't met. We're happy to take people's suggestions.
  • Jamie – The team of translation and interprets needs to be organised, and figure out a system to request it, especially for the LC meetings.
  • Jamie could help with the transition. The team could meet and invite people who have done translation work.
  • Enrique agrees on having a meeting on this.
  • Hilary – APC and meeting in Barcelona – We need to define strategic goals.
  • Connect with other ISPs, organise regular meetings, connect to other networks to expand internationally, videotaping for the access denied event.
  • Mallory – We could have a session on messaging on FOSS.
  • Jamie: Intentionality statement, expanded or have some explanation. Organsing - People who are not identified as techies.
  • Mallory – Cautious about terminology, eg people of colour
  • Alfredo – Our role is to represent the struggles that we're having. How internet and comms is being dealt with legally, a comparison of that, and to see if we can have a global response to that.
  • Jamie: Intentionality statement also includes sexism, and institutional racism.
  • Hilary – North South divide and how to relate to that. We can propose a session on that, maybe not lead it.

Support team

  • Jamie - f2f meeting last Saturday. Upgrades are done, finalising special servers. Finishing our heart bleed communication. Enrique working on the LaNeta transition. We're also working on alternatives to social media.
  • Enrique is scheduling workshops on DF and Chiapas to train people on how to use MF resources. The education commission of the coop is working on this.
  • Jamie is going to be part of the USSF techie group.
  • Also there's a suggestion to set up a poll – What services people use the most?


  • Alfreado: radio and TV interviews on surveillance.
  • Knowledge exchange, DC. 3-4 members in the room. Ideological struggle. Liberals are prominent. Consumers union. Some meetings in the capitol. The aim of the meeting is to organise a convergence on internet survival.
  • Jackson rising. Division in the leadership of the movement mostly dealt with. Philadelphia, Jackson and San José are the main sites. No technology plan. We need to work that out and see how it will affect the agenda.
  • MFPL is the author of the policentric social forum modality. We're planning on having satellites of people discussing issues and beaming it back to the social forum. We're proposing a border satellite in Mexico. This will be a huge political statement about the movement on this country. June 25-29 2015. We'll have the satellite over the weekend.
  • Left forum: Jamie, Alfredo, Lisa and other members are participating. We need to plan for the technology. People from Mexico attending.
  • AMC – Next month. Network gathering, also PMA. We need to bring more of our people there.
  • Jamie will be on a panel by the playboy spoof people. Also, a panel on Drupal (both members).
  • Organisers meeting on surveillance and how the movement will be reacting in the fall. To do a statement and a conference that will be a PMA. Whatever is decided, the SF will take it on.
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