Coordinators Meeting: 2014-04-03

Question/Discussion about how budgets will be integrated between Mexico and US and how budget decisions are made. Answer: Hilary and Louis are working on integrated budget - need latest numbers from each working team. LC proposal and discussion scheduled for next meeting, April 10. JG: opinion is that we should analyze budget as one organization, not two organizations. Must integrate Mexican members in work teams.

Outreach Report back


  • Attending Labor Notes this weekend: Stephen and Andrea
  • We were invited to Knowledge Exchange in DC end of April on "Privacy, Data, and the Implications of Racial Justice" - only 15 groups invited
  • Jackson Rising conference in early May in Jackson, MI. Submitted proposal on cooperative movement in Mexico - featuring presentation by Juan Gerardo. Still haven't heard back. JG: needs 7 - 10 days advance notice for travel and labor planning.
  • Left Forum: end of May/early June: we proposed workshop on alternative networks (free internet/internet as human right). Joe Torres agreed to be part of panel.
  • Allied Media Conference: Glenn Greenwald won't make it. AMC has not approved a Snowden presence. We have a strong network gathering planned.

Other items:

  • Question: We now have a twitter account: is there a discussion on what criteria is being used? Answer: no, planning on discussing at next outreach, currently it only pulls in from our membership feed.
  • US Social Forum: accidental deletion of USSF wiki files. Happened during attempted upgrade in late February. Backup problem: after 5 days, deleted files are deleted from the backup. Request to support team: provide special backup for US Social Forum that preserves archive to avoid this problem in the future.
  • GIS Watch: we missed the deadline. Correction: thanks to Mallory's email we did get this on time.
  • We are preparing outreach materials on

Membership and Administration

  • First people links was a success. Plan to get audio file and use it for promotion, Abi will host the next call - talking about There were 9 people on the people links call.
  • Will start promoting survey project: Why I'm a member. Will ask LC to complete survey and help with outreach.

Support Team

  • social forum: accidental deletion of files
  • sahara reporters: 2nd colo-wide outage happened last friday, will be discussing at upcoming support team, will consider moving to deflect
  • completing 2nd day of server upgrades on saturday
  • making progress on implementation of civicrm
  • making progress on web site re-design
  • as you know, we moved $3,000 for POC techies out of our budget because we think we can raise this money, alfredo found four possible funders for NYC poc techies, will be working on letters of inquiry for this
  • Josue submitted letter of inquiry to knight news challenge


As part of the APC meetings in Barcelona: there is an Optout Take Back The Next event and we've been asked to co-sponsor JG will get in touch with Mallory and suggest Mallory schedule a call as soon as possible

JG has been applying to get travel support for Canadian Coop event, and expecting a meeting to be announced in France.

Alfredo asked if any Mexican Members are going to Barcelona for the APC related activities

Integration of Mexican Coop members to MF/PL work teams

We have explained to the coop the way MF/PL works and how to get involved through a meeting with the coordinators and additional conversations. So, now it's a question of integration. We have a meeting on April 12 and we will invite everyone to be part of the working groups.

  • JG: suggested making list of email and phone numbers of coordinators available to the mexican members
  • JM: Can we ensure interpretation for work team meetings?

Next Coordinators meeting

We will not have a coordinators meeting next week because we will have the LC meeting.

Thoughts on Mexican budget

Pablo sent estimates for 2014 income and expenses. JG: thinks that by implementing a tax strategy, the taxes will go down.

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