Coordinators Meeting 2014-03-06

support team report back (jamie)

  • f2f support team meeting
    • upgrade servers
    • re-allocate funds to mexico city phone number (policy question)
    • work on web site

membership and admin (hilary)

  • met last week, reviewed budget and made proposed cuts
  • discussed splitting membership from admin
  • prepared outreach message to alert members about team structure
  • people links project: moving forward, first call: March 27
  • Working on survey to members

Mexico (enrique)

  • Meeting today about managing admin work to transition work from enrique to the coop

Question of splitting the Member and Admin:

  • Hilary will formally propose on list to get decision made sooner rather than later
  • Decision: Hilary will propose the splitting of the work group for a decision by email and we will wait to discuss the more complex treasury proposal for the LC phone call

International (enrique)

  • Discussed proposed meeting of interpreters: plan to leave it out of the budget. This event could receive funds from external sources
  • next meeting is next tuesday to continue discussion of budget
  • Jamie: our APC dues is $1,000 instead of $500 because our budget is over $100,000.
  • Erq: Mallory and Adolpho have suggested that we should pay dues for two organization - both US and Mexico. Hilary will follow up with APC to ask for clarification


  • No team meetings since our last meeting - Alfredo has been in San Fran for Rights Con

Web site redesign

Pea from the support team worked up navigation: We need to combine who we are, what we do, and how to get involved. We want people to know we are involved in technology but not be seen as a hosting provider. Everyone agreed that the work on the menu navigation looks great. The next step will be to provide a wire frame of the home page.

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