support, etc -- jamie

report for ls almost ready

upgrade Malsolm -- first major server uprade to new os -- several people caught off-guard. one was moved, the others are sorting out issues.

will develop sub-comm fore cmmunicastions.l

Last friday upgraded horde. the ugrade generated a lot of tickets

email deliverability -- sorted out how to deliver mail to the "big providers" because there's a problem with mail lists delivering email to these big providers. we have made incremental improvements. we now have developed new approach setting up several relay servers so we can separate bad mail from good.

enrique: we've been in touch with people of apc to talk about the denial of service event taking place in barcelona. may hapen at end of may. We are thinking of being represented by Ross.

the idea of redesigning websie is a cross-team project

membership and admin

we're had two meetingsw since last week. first went over tempalte plan on wiki and meeting last turesday to flesh out lan and work on budget. we have another meeting for monday.

we've had difficulty with interpretation software.

how do we answer "info" emails?

Jamie: iinfo is supposed to be used by people who aren't membvers. that's outreach. if it's an existing member, anyone answers the ones coming from members. If it's aupport question, should be sent to support




have met once. the only thing changed was an agreement that mallory will coordinator. now working on worklplan and will start working on budget

meeting again today at 5 peeyem

hilary: was serving as apc's new member team but is off that now and should it be absorbed by Internetional team. mallory said only primary rep is necessary. no need for further invoolvement

discussion of upcoming meeting of lc:

Enrique gives summaryu of meeting:

friday -- three different activities -- members get-together

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