Coordinators Meeting 2014-01-24


  • Report Back from work teams
  • Decisions
  • LC face to face checkin


LC Cooridinators Meeting 23 Jan 2014

Attendence: Jamie, Hilary, Juan Gerarado, Enrique, mv, abi,


  1. Report Backs
  • Membership Admin
    • Challenging to get going.
    • Havent had meeting since early Jan.
    • Plan is to have mtg in next week.
    • Hillary - putting together draft report/plan
    • Jamie: Dues Waiver - in past was co-director decision, should be M/A team decision
    • Hillary (re dues waiver): key issue is tech concerns
    • Juan G: is there a policy for this?
    • Jamie: has been a loose practice - generally do not give free membership, everyone should pay what they can afford. for dedicated server, it is a based on user contribution to the org and needs.
    • MV: are there examples we could use to develop framework (see below examples)
    • JAMIE: should it be a coordinator decision
    • Hillary: has been a case by case, should remain flexible
    • Juan Gerardo, do we need an official policy?
    • Jamie: maybe this is our policy
    • JG: we should have something to pass on to future committees
    • Jamie: there are two outstanding requests
    • Abi: have we decided who is making this decision?
    • Hillary: we should decide who should be the entity to decide
    • Alfredo: there are two types of request - upgrades and sponsorship.
    • Abi: can we ask people to give us a proposal?
    • Alfredo: people generally already do this.
    • Hillary: we have done this usually on a yearly basis
    • Jamie: PROPOSAL: can we clarify dues wiki. shoudl be responsibiity of M/A team to make sure requests get answerered. M/A can send to all coordinators with a reccomendation. for more difficult cases, decision is made at coordinator meeting
    • JG: M/A committee make this proposal to a future coordinator meeting based on today's outlined process. if requests come to other groups - it should be analyzed in coordination with M/A group.
    • Alfredo: point about welcoming new members. Traditionally Alfredo welcomes US group and Enrique writes the one for the Mexican members. From a structural point of view this work should be transferred. We will get an increase in membership and it is a load. The question is what to do, writing the greeting is a specific task that benefits the member as it comes from people in the struggle. We should pay attention to that question.
    • JG: agrees
    • Jamie: there is a list that gets new memberships. Alfredo is very good at writing these. Proposal: Time permitting, Alfredo should keep doing it.
    • Alfredo : I want to do anythign you tell me to do! It is very important work. Maybe someone can help write these.
    • Abi: how many of these do we have per week? What is the turn around time?
    • Alfredo: its about setting them up. try to keep it within 12 hours. there is some boilerplate, then personal stuff related to their work. The trick is in relating to their work. It is not easy. We should be training someone to start learning this skill.
    • JG: we need to be thinking ahead so that people can take over and continue the current crucial work.
  • SIDS
    • We haven't met since last CC
    • One member Philadelphia Fight, people with AIDS activist org. in the 90's they created an ISP - a revolutionary step. The founder has passes and have struggled to maintain ISP. Juliette fink, our main contact, says they cannot maintain ISP. were paying $300 per month. would like to go back to regular membership and invite existing members to join MFPL.
    • Alfredo: this is a huge development. Philly is anchor for 2015 social forum ; PF is a key org
      • what is the character of their membership? how much consciousness of MFPL?
    • Jamie: few of them have strong understanding of MFPL
    • Alfredo: this could be a huge recruting opportunity
    • Abi: what are they paying now?
    • Jamie: nothign
    • a lot of the organizations are going to join, but individuals are less likely
    • Alfredo: Philadelphia Fight is very well respcted in Philly Left. 2015 Social Forum will involve political conflicts, we should have some solid memberships there.
  • INTERNATIONAL Working Group
    • Have had one meeting
    • Mallory wrote report on Casablanca meeting.
    • discouraging fight with where world social forum meeting should take place.
    • JG will make some proposals for (?) meeting
    • Enrique: should the internationalzation team be coordinated by International Cmte? we think yes. Discussed how we can develop a better team. will create a proposal for fact to face that develops plans ad a budget to develop events, calls, etc. to give a political profile to the work rather than as assistant to other commitees.
  • Outreach and Communications
    • ALfredo: in Detroit for AMC prep. Long days. Grueling but productive. Mainly, young, LGBTQ, people of color. made some good contacts. Joe Torres from Free Press. FP is an org we can start to work with. Among these activists, MFPL is considered a white organization. Many consider FOSS movement to be white (only?) this needs to change. I pushed back, but can only do so much. Meeting was excelent.
    • Alfredo: Feb 5 going to philly for Social Forum comm meetign to discuss technology for USSF. SIDS team is invited. Also going to help get things moving.
    • Rights Con conference in March. MFPL is on the committee. Alfredo approved a few of the proposals.
    • Network gathering on security and surveillance (when???/Where???)
    • Netroots nation conf this summer in detroit. We will try to put together a united workshop with Magnet, AMC, OTI,
    • Can Jamie summarize proposal on Net Neutrality decision.
    • LC met to discuss NN. conversation so far has been: how should gov regulate private ISPs? Debate has been content vs service providers. We should put forward the idea that Internet is a human right. If private actors will not provide it, government shoudl.
    • provides oppottunity to build on work fo APC that Internet is Human Right.
    • Hillary see
    • Enrique: we got an email from Steve Anderson about a campaign with free press. Will forward to LC.
  1. LC Face to face
    • Draft agenda has been created
    • reviewing agenda:

Please see:


Alfredo: Friday is wonderful.Saturday and Sunday look good. Would like to take a closer look. Can we approve preliminarily, but leave it open to make further changes next week.

Where will we have the Sat and Sun meeting? there are 2 options

  1. Mexico City - In the city. Important consideration is that the org (Casa Xitla) has decided to become members and has helped promote MFPL among other orgs. Another consideration is the participation of interpreters. Budget are similar w/o considering interpreters. Internationalization team has interpreter in the city.if the meeting is outside the city, we will need to pay for their transportation. logistics are easier in the city. Cheaper also.

  1. 45 KM outside of the city in the direction of Cuernavaca (better climate) it is a newer building, part of a movement org, and predecessor of MFPL. We could have breakfast in Cuernavaca. Budget is nearly the same as for MC. Bus is provided for transport.

Discussion JG: both budgets are around 50% of proposed budget. Enrique: we need to consider membership when we evaluate. Alfredo: so one group is a member and the other is not? JG: teh proprietor was not given a personal invitation to join after (la neta) Alfredo: depends on the agenda. We would have better participation in the city. when removed. thinking changes.

Appendix A: Examples of servers: Leftforum - was on shared server, important members of the movement. Whenever they were slammed, they were given a temp server before the conference, to now giving them permanent vps Glocal - important to the organization, at a reduced rate cause they are working on projects related to mayfirst Another project in NY - started as a regular shared server, and then later to see if a vps is needed. Volunteer collective with less tech, got a little push back from jamie but it is not longer his decision

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