Coordinators Meeting 2014-01-16

  • Facilitator: Jamie
  • Note taker: Abi


  • Report Back from work teams
    • International Movements: World Social Forum International Working Group meeting in NY
  • Decisions
    • For Coordinators
    • To be taken to the LC
  • Special Item: Discussion of logistics for LC face to face meeting


Coordination Meeting - Jan 16

Present - Hilary, Alfredo, Jamie, Enrique, Stephen, Mallory, Analía, Juan Gerardo, Ross, Dana.

Report back from work teams

Outreach team - Alfredo

There was a meeting attended by 5 people, started on workplan, distribution of tasks, etc. There discussions about the website, new designs, getting new tools: decent event system, that can host info on the event, working documents, etc. We also need to keep intelligent lists: outreah list and media list. Stephen will look at the possibility of using CiviCRM. The idea is to have that within a week. We also discussed the USSF and the role of MF there, the changes that are being faced. There organisational and political problems that need to be discussed. Next meeting is on Thurdsay. Regular meeting time: Every ohter Thursday at 6pm NY time. Enrique: We also discussed a proposal to have a radio show in four chapters to promote to broadcast it among members who have radio stations; a radio collective from Mexico is proposing this and they can help us. We need to write the script, send them music and voice recordings. Also to budget money to help specific members move their websites from commercial providers to our infrastructure.

Alfredo: MAGNet issued a statement on the net neutrality situation, and we sined up. We should probably chanel our net neutrality work through MAGNet. AMC conference in Detroit. MF is one of the 20 something coordinators. Alfredo is attending a coordinators meeting this weekend. Alfredo is now taking part of the workshop approval committee for the RightsCon that will happen in March. Alfredo going to Philadelphia to start the comms and tech work for the Philly center for the USSF, with Jackie Smith from the LC.

Hilary: We're part of the Stop Watching Us Coallition; we're in the steering committe. There's a day of action on January 22. Somebody from the outreach team will be their main contact person in the future. Membership and admin working group - Hilary Nothing to report, they didn't meet.

Internationalization team Mallory: They're meeting at 3 pm later today.

Support, infrastructure and data sovereignty They meet once a month, still haven't met. There's a discussion going on on CiviCRM. There were email deliverability issues with hotmail and microsoft. APC gathering: Enrique and Abi are joining the organising efforts. Dana: We need to get a sense of all the teams on how to use CiviCRM, on what they need. Hilary to talk with Jamie to make suggestions. Mallory: Access contacted Jamie and her on a publication on DDoS that they're now doing they want to launch it before RightsCon. Jamie: They did a questionable report on fake websites and now Mallory pushed them in this direction. We want to insist on having activist providers instead of corporate providers. Jamie to organize a call with the author and Ross. Alfredo joining in, maybe Enrique to see how this relates to the APC gathering. Mallory: Google Shield is a new thing, but grassroot responses work better for organisations. We should push them to have MF people in RightsCon (Alfredo agrees).

Juan Gerardo: There will be a lot of overlaps between working groups, we need a mechansim of communication when a coordinator believes that outer groups should be involved. Jamie suggests having a coordinatiors list. Jamie and Mallory are having a meeting with a French group (?) that Juan Gerardo put them in contact with.

Decission and discussion items

Jamie suggests a coordinators email address (Jamie) Alfredo: We need to have guidelines on what we should decide as workgroups and what should be sent to the LC to decide (Alfredo) We need to make decissions on the structure, administration: We legally operate as a foundation in the US, we need to see if there are contradictions with the new structure. We need to discuss workplans and workpteams budget. There are political differences in the LC that will show in the budget discussion. Should we incorporate these discussions into the agenda?

Juan G. and Enrique are still working on the agenda. We need to think about the old tasks and how we migrate them into the work groups. This should be reviewd and approved by the LC. We need to evaluate if new taks will fit into what was done in the past.

Enrique: we should discuss the legal profile of the organisation that we are relying on in our next f2f LC meeting (to be included in the agenda). We'll have our propsal ready for the next coordinators meeting.

Alfredo: The organisation is changing radically and the LC is not tackling it. We need to consider our successes but also our failures. Debate about FOSS - We've lost this debate in the country. The left uses proprietary software and social media. We've traditionally opsed the use of these tools, and this has alienated us from a lot of people. Do we change our perspective? Or do we continue with this call knowing that we're going to be oppsed by many people. And we can't do this in our workgroups. How do we fit these into the agenda?

Jamie: The workteams aren't going to make decisions, but they will be taking responsibligy for framing and leading the discussion in the LC, letting us know in advance. Juan Gerardo: We need to do some strategic planning. Alfredo: These are matters of political principles, which affect the strategic path of the organization. Another issue is the funding that we get. We need to discuss our relationship from Foundations. We need to have a discussion about it. J.G. We need to take an ideological and political definition, and then define our mision and vision. Jamie: We'll be able to have a more focused discussion once we have a preliminary draft of the agenda.

LC meeging f2f JG - Mexico City or Cuernavaca (smaller and milder climate)? -We need to know the budget, and how many people need plane tickets. Should we have this discussion through the coordinators' meeting or the list? Jamie: I think that the Mexican members of the LC need to make this desision. We're happy to give feedback. Last year we spent 2500 USD, so it would be good to try to keep the costs low, since this already will be an expensive meeting. It's good idea to have a member hosting the meeting. Ross will be in Mexico City and he'll also be participating.

Leadership Committee, February 15th and 16th, México City Participating f2f:

  1. Mallory
  2. Jamie
  3. Alfredo
  4. Maritza
  5. Abi
  6. Louis
  7. Hilary
  8. Juan Gerardo
  9. Pablo
  10. Steven
  11. Enrique
  1. Ross

Participating on-line

  1. Jackie

Still need to hear from Jerome, Grainne

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