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Configure HP Procurve 2824 (J4903A)

We have a HP Procurve 2824 switch at both Telehouse and XO. We have the manual available.

Start by resetting to factory defaults.

Do that by poking a staple in both the reset and clear buttons and then releasing the reset button and keeping the clear button pressed. That may leave the switch in a state with all lights on. If so try unplugging and plugging it back in.

Next, try to access it via the serial console at 2400 baud.

  • Set the system contact, password, and IP configuration
    • Type: setup
    • Set system contact to:
    • Enter Manager password - cannot be more than 16 characters!
  • Set the serial console
    # configure
    # console baud-rate 115200
    Command will take effect after saving configuration and reboot.
    # write mem
    # boot

After it restarts, you should re-connect via the new serial console settings

As for 2012-11-3, the latest firmware on the site is i.10.77 built on 26-Aug-2009, posted on 26-Oct-2009.

  • To update the firmware:
    • Downloading the latest version to a machine connected to the switch
    • Install and start tftpd-hpa on the machine
    • On the server, type:


  • Selected Download OS from the menu
  • Entered the IP address of the server and the remote file name (/srv/tftp/I_10_77.swi) and hit eXecute.
  • Set the hostname
    hostname cafiero
  • Disable the telnet and web interface:
    no telnet-server
    no web-management
  • For the switch in XO that connects to Highwinds, we have to disable auto-negotiation, and force it to use a 100Mbit connection to avoid dropped packets. The 1 refers to port one on the switch, which presumably the upstream is connected to.
    interface 1 speed-duplex 100-full

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