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Conferences, Presentations and Workshops

Here's a listing of upcoming workshops and conferences that is on the radar of May First/People Link:

  • The next world social forum is going to take place in Belem, Brazil. Because it is expensive to get there, the foro organizers are planning an Belem expanded project to allow for events in other locations to take place at the same time. May First/People Link will be participating this year and the process of organizing it has started here.
  • The Left Forum is scheduled for April 17 - 19. They are MFPL members! And the deadline for submissions is February 1.
  • NYC Grassroots Media Conference - they haven't made a public statement about dates yet, but will be sometime in the Spring of 2009 at Hunter.
  • Allied Media Conference] is scheduled for July 16 - 19.
  • Unity conference is another one we may want to consider next year (July 2009). This year's conference site is online.
  • Blogging while Brown - missed it in 2008, maybe 2009?

Past Conferences and Presentations


  • LaborTech (in San Francisco) was the weekend of December 5-7. MFPL was not officially represented, but Eric from member organization Open Flows attended.
  • Networked Politics held a seminar in Berkeley on December 5 - 7. Jamie represented MFPL on the opening panel and during the seminar.
  • We were invited by our latest member, the Institute for Anarchist Studies, to attend their Renewing the Anarchist Studies (RAT) workshop in November 7-9, 2008, in Montpelier, Vermont. Unfortunately, we couldn't make it. There does not appear to be current web site information about the conference, but previous conference info is available for reference.