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Colocation Options

This wiki page has been started to help track down our options for colocation, a discussion started with ticket #149.

Our current electricity use is about 1.9 KVA or about 15 Amps.


Contact Jamie

Status They are our current provider. I plan to call them back once we get competitive quotes to see if we can lower our rates.

General overview We're generally happy with the serivce. Calling in re-boots is easy and doesn't cost extra. We only have had one problem - they installed our original ethernet run which had a problem leading to intermittent failures. They fixed it in a relatively timely manner.

Web site

Facilities address 25 Broadway, NY NY

Quote/Offer We pay $1,050 per month for a single rack which includes 1 KVA, plus $400 per extra .5 KVA, plus $500 month for bandwidth.

Hurricane Electric

Contact Jamie

Status They are our current bandwidth provider, however, they say they have locations in NY (other than Telehouse). I've had an exchange of emails with a sales rep who only seems interested in selling us space in San Jose, but I'm still trying to get a quote for another NY or Newark location.

General overview The bandwidth service has been good. We've had a few problems. On two occasions we had routing problems with certain members. On one of these occasions they admitted to restarting a router which fixed the problem, on another occasion is just started working again and they said they didn't do anythin. On another occasion they restarted their NYC router without warning, leading to 5 minutes of downtime.

Web site

Facilities address 25 Broadway (Telehouse)

Quote/Offer $1850 for 20 Amps of power (this is exactly what Telehouse offers) + $500 for 10 Mbit/second (burstable to 100 Mbit/seconds). This price is no different then our current setup - but our current setup has the added advantage of independence - we're not getting both services from the same company.


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Status I filled out their web form requesting more information

General Overview

Web site

Facilities address 75 Broad Street, NY NY

Quote/Offer $1290 for colo (includes 20 Amp primary and 20 Amp redundant circuits) + $1240 for bandwidth (10 Mbit/second not burstable) + $200 cross connect. Total: $2730 (more than Telehouse). This was the second offer after I told them the first offer was way to expensive.


Contact Jamie

Status I sent them an email asking for a quote

General Overview

Web site

Facilities address 60 Hudson Street



Speakeasy apparently offers colocation at the same physical location as telehouse. Not sure on the pricing.

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