Colocation Options

This wiki page has been started to help track down our options for colocation, a discussion started with ticket #149 and now continues on #1098.

Atlantic Metro

Location: 325 Hudson St., new data center coming online in the next month or two at 32 6th ave. (AT&T building), have one other data center in manhattan somewhere Pro's and Con's: They run fiber rings throughout manhattan, I think that they provide the metro ethernet between the different carrier hotels, have a nationwide IP backbone, so their network is probably really good. They are a carrier-neutral facility. 24 hour access. Includes first-level support (rebooting, limited keyboard command tasks under customer direction, checking connections, etc)

Provided a full proposal, Network Whitepaper, Network Service Level Agreement and Customer Comments for their LGA6 facility (this is 32 6th Ave , the ATT Building)... its their new data center that will be opening this summer.

Full cabinet: 2 (locking): $900, $1980 
Electricity: 40 Amps
Bandwidth: drop in 2x100meg handoffs, 95% 10Mbit: $45/month (this is if we choose their transit)

Price: $2025 ($1980+45 MRC (monthly recurring charge)): note, this is for two cabinets

Cabinet setup one-time: $2000
Cross-connect options:
CAT-5/6: $150 NRC (non-recurring charge)
Riser Fiber: $500 NRC
Fiber: $250 (not sure of the difference between these)
In facility carrier options: Atlantic Metro, Cogent, Global Crossing, RCN Metro, MCI, Verizon, Broadwing, Eureka, Rainbow

They also have a NJ facility in Princeton, but the costs for banwidth are $90/meg with a 10meg commit (according to them, their dual path fiber to down there is one of the most expensive routes in their network, so they can't sell bandwidth at the same rate that they would in the metro area). They also offer bandwidth via the carrier hotels, presumably through cross-connects.


Location: 111 8th Avenue

Pro's and Con's: Great location, would require new IPs

micah notes: if they are really located at 111 8th, then we would be able to get cross-connects from anyone in the building, which is everyone, so you may not need to re-ip.

Full rack: 1
Electricity: 40 Amps
Bandwidth: 10 Mbit

Price: $1570

Cabinet: $500
Power: $720 ($18/Amp)
Bandwidth: $350 ($35/Mbit)
Colo non-refundable install fee: $500
IP non-refundable install fee: $1500 
12 month contract

Convergent Networks

Location: Hicksville, LI

Pro's and Con's: In Long Island (Hicksville) - poor transportation options. We would need to redo all IP addresses. However, really cheap power and lots of bandwidth. micah notes: quote came in a word document that didn't render properly in openoffice, so I might have fudged these numbers trying to eyeball how it was meant to be presented. They included their terms of service and their network availability and throughput SLA

Full rack: 1 (lockable)
Electricity: 40 Amps
Bandwidth: 50 Mbit (how much for overage? they seemed flexible)

Price: $1499

Combined price: $1499
Extra electricity is billed at $15/Amp (but seemed flexible on this)
12 month contract, extendible in 3-month increments, termination fee: $500


Location: Staten Island

Pros and cons: We get to keep our IP addresses. Yay! Terrible transportation options and pricey electricity.

Full rack: 1
Electricity: 3KVA (equiv. to 30 Amp)
Bandwidth: $50/Mbit, 10Mbit commit (provided by Hurricane Electric)
We can keep our IP addresses


$2050 (includes cross connect to Telehouse)
 $500 Bandwidth (10Mbit)
$2550 Total

Extra electricity: $62/amp
($250/.5KVA plus $250 per circuit)


Location: 111 8th

Pro's and Con's: Included a [facility overview->]. They didn't provide much information with the quote. I have no idea what a 3-pack is, or what it would cost for 1-cabinet or less power... but am trying to find out. I believe that this came through a broker, not directly from Telx

Full cabinet: 2 (NRC $3,240  MRC $2,160)
Electricity: 2x20amp (NRC $1,566 MRC $1,044)
Banwidth: (1) 3-pack Ethernet  NRC $1,000 MRC $500

Second quote:

1 Cabinet:
MRC: $1,020
NRC: $1,530

40A 110 VAC:
MRC: $1,232.50
NRC: $1,848.75

1 Ethernet Cross-connect:
MRC: $250
NRC: $250

MRC: $2,502.50
NRC: $3,628.75


Location: 601 west 26th, crosses 11th (martha stewart building)

Pro's and Con's: They provide cross-connects, they can provide the bandwidth which is Transbeam Transit consisting of a blend of Sprint Transit, NTT/Verio Transit, Level 3 Transit, and peers on a Cisco and Juniper Powered Network.

Full cabinet: 1
Electricity: 2x15 amp + 2/24 port managed PDUs. Additional power is $40/amp
Bandwidth: 10mbit at 95%, bandwidth overages are $25/mbit

Price: $1200 + $1600 setup, +$20/mbit for transbeam transit


Location: have manhattan facilities, although they are nearly full. Staten Island.

Pro's and Con's: can do cross-connects from Staten Island, but options might be limited (probably can get to 111 8th), badges are $250 each. Can provide cross-connects to telehouse at no additional charge. They have a good customer management portal for power management, measurement and bandwidth. Very proud of their customers (pro or con?), they have mentioned them a few times. Included an Introductory Profile of their company.

Full cabinet: 1
Electricity: 16A usable, 30A circuit for additional $300/month
Bandwidth: 10Mbit on a Gigabit circuit, additional: $40/Mbps 95%

Price: $1,299

Full Cabinet at 111 8th
Power: 20A, not redundant power due to current availability (ie. need our own UPS)

Price: 15% more than above

Setup fee: $1000
APC 24 port PDU setup fee: $700 (we probably can choose not to include this, but is accessible from their customer management portal for real-time power readings), if you get the 30A circuit, you dont have to pay the PDU setup fee.

WBS Connect

Location: 882 East 3rd Street, Brooklyn

Pro's and Con's: Great location (20 blocks from our sunset park office!), require new IPs

Full rack: 1
Electricity: 40 Amps
Bandwidth: 10 Mbit (burstable to 100 Mbit)

Price: $1900

All included: $1900
Extra Bandwidth: $50/Mbit (less if we commit to higher rate)
Extra power: About $20/amp


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