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Colocation Options

This wiki page has been started to help track down our options for colocation, a discussion started with ticket #149.

Our current electricity use is about 1.9 KVA or about 15 Amps.


Contact Jamie

Status They are our current provider. I plan to call them back once we get competitive quotes to see if we can lower our rates.

General overview We're generally happy with the serivce. Calling in re-boots is easy and doesn't cost extra. We only have had one problem - they installed our original ethernet run which had a problem leading to intermittent failures. They fixed it in a relatively timely manner.

Web site,

Facilities address 25 Broadway, NY NY

Quote/Offer We pay $1,050 per month for a single rack which includes 1 KVA, plus $400 per extra .5 KVA, plus $500 month for bandwidth.


Contact Jamie

General overview I filled out their web form requesting more information

Web site

Facilities address



Contact Jamie

General overview I sent them an email asking for a quote

Web site

Facilities address 60 Hudson Street


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