Broadcast Admin page

The user facing documentation is published here.

The May First/People Link live code lives on and is published via gitlab.

It has two components:

  • A client component that users the mediarecorder API to capture and send a video stream.
  • A nodejs component to pipe the stream to ffmpeg, which sends it to icecast

The code is installed on dee in /home/icream and the service is maintained via /etc/systemd/system/icecream.service.


Our code is currently streaming to (sankara).

Iceast is configured using the url method of authentication plus wildcard mount points.

In other words, we have the following mount point defined:

      <authentication type="url">
        <option name="stream_auth" value="http://localhost:3000"/>

The s-* means it will match on any stream starting with s-.

The authentication part says: whenever someone tries to authenticate this stream, send the username and password (via POST) to the given URL.

This setting is complemented with a nodejs web app (published via git:// that is running on sankara in /home/icecast-stream-auth with the service managed via /etc/systemd/system/icecast-stream-auth. This web app simply passes the username and password on to our login service and returns an appropriate answer to icecast.

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