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     1= How do I add a mail/MX record for my domain? =
     3A mail record (or MX record) specifies which server mail sent to any address {{{}}} should be delivered to. In other words, while your domain name might resolve to one server when a request for a web site is made (this is usually handled by either  an "A" record or a "host" record), a completely different server can be configured to handle email.
     5By default, May First/People Link members' domains are configured to deliver email to the same server that their web site is on (the "primary host" as indicated in the [ members control panel].
     7If you want to add a new MX record (because you are adding a new domain), you can do so by:
     9 * Login to the [ Members Control panel] and select DNS from the list of services
     10 * Click to add a new item.
     11 * Select "MX" as the type of record
     12 * Fill in your domain name
     13 * Leave the IP address blank
     14 * For server name, enter your primary host
     16If you are handling your own email and you want to add multiple MX record, you can use the `Distance (mx records only)` field to specify a priority to determine the order the mail servers should be used.