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How do I add a mail/MX record for my domain?

A mail record (or MX record) specifies which server mail sent to any address should be delivered to. In other words, while your domain name might resolve to one server when a request for a web site is made (this is usually handled by either an "A" record or a "host" record), a completely different server can be configured to handle email.

By default, May First/People Link members' domains are configured to deliver email to the same server that their web site is on (the "primary host" as indicated in the members control panel.

If you want to add a new MX record (because you are adding a new domain), you can do so by:

  • Login to the Members Control panel and select DNS from the list of services
  • Click to add a new item.
  • Select "MX" as the type of record
  • Fill in your domain name
  • Leave the IP address blank
  • For server name, enter your primary host

If you are handling your own email and you want to add multiple MX record, you can use the Distance (mx records only) field to specify a priority to determine the order the mail servers should be used.