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    55'''Due to a missing encrypted disk passphrase, chavez and malcolm had to be completely re-built from scratch''' has been restored. We anticipate that will be completely restored by 8:00 pm America/New_York time on Wednesday.
    7 Thanks to our daily backup procedures, data loss should be minimal. However, if you are an email user on either malcolm or chavez, we recommend that you copy your inbox messages into a new mail folder before checking your mail to ensure you do not lose any messages. Note: Any data that was added or modified (including new email messages or changes to your web site or database) between the early hours of the morning tuesday and 5:45 pm tuesday afternoon was not included in our backup, so cannot be restored. The backup will restore data to the state it was in early Tuesday morning.
     7Thanks to our daily backup procedures, data loss should be minimal. However, any data that was added or modified between the early morning hours on Tuesday and 5:45pm EST Tuesday afternoon was not backed up and cannot be restored.
     9If you are an IMAP email user on either malcolm or chavez, have your email client configured to synchronize copies of your email locally, and have not checked email since yesterday at 5:45pm, you may be able to prevent email loss by following these steps:
     11  1. Open your email client (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc) WITHOUT allowing it to connect to the internet. The safest way to do this is to disconnect your computer entirely from the internet by turning off wifi or disconnecting your ethernet cable.
     12  1. Select all email in your Inbox that was received on Tuesday, February 22.
     13  1. Move or copy this email into a LOCAL folder in your email client. Thunderbird users should move or copy email into a folder in the Local Folders section of their folder pane. Outlook users should look for the Personal Folders section of their folder pane.
     14  1. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for email received on February 22 in other folders.
     16If your email client does not let you move or copy the messages this probably means that local synchronization is not set up; if this is the case then there is no way to save those messages locally at this point.
    918If your MF/PL website or email is hosted on chavez or malcolm, please see our [ explanation service advisory] and our [ latest update] for more details of the cause and nature of this outage. Not sure what server you're hosted on? You can find your primary host by logging into the Members Control Panel and looking in the top right corner.